Check AIOU BA Subjects Code List 2024 for Admission


All Semesters AIOU BA Subjects Code List 2024

For graduation, we are uploading the AIOU BA Subjects Code List 2024 all fresh and old candidates can check the latest updates for autumn and spring semester programs for free download here. At the bachelor level, each person has passed 04-semester papers and gets 08 credit hours for the degree of B.A.

Allama Iqbal University BA Subjects Code List 2024

Open University of Allama Iqbal BA Subject List 2024 is uploaded on this webpage for the help of the people who can online check the courses of the entire program of the graduations There are the following AIOU Program Courses List 2024 are:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor of Darse-e-Nizami
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BS)
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication

Not till Allama Iqbal University has conducted these courses for the graduate people can take AIOU Admission 2024 to obtain various degrees, certificates, and diplomas in fieldwork or professional skills increasing from them.

AIOU BA Subjects List with Codes 2024 for B.COM

Most people are searching online for different subjects and courses for education but they don’t know the real details about them but we are sharing with you the full subject name with codes also mentioned for the betterment of the students. Owing to this, you can understand the book’s name and topic were chosen by those who were like him.

For BA general group and science including mass communication and Dars-e-Nizami the whole AIOU BA Subjects Code List 2024 is available now you can view online the Allama Iqbal Open University BA Subjects List 2024 for new admission in 3rd and 4th-year classes of the graduate program.

Check the details of the semester-wise selection of the spring and autumn full credit and half credit plans and understand them. All the elective and major courses are now for the examination of the bachelor program BA AIOU Subjects Code Names List 2024 provided for the students can choose and write on the AIOU Admission Form when taking admission through the Allama Iqbal University.

Semester: 01

  1. Select 1Half Credit Course from Elective Courses
  2. Compulsory English-I-1423
  3. Islamiat (C) / Ethics (For Non-Muslim Students Only)-416/418
  4. Pakistan Studies (C)-417

Semester: 02
1. Select 1 Full Credit and 1 Half Credit Course or 3 Half Credit Courses From Elective Courses.
2. Compulsory English-II-1424

Semester: 03
1. Select 2 Full Credit Courses or 2 half Credit Courses and 1 Full Credit Course or 4 half Credit Courses From Elective Courses.

Semester: 04
1. Select 2 Full Credit Courses or 2 half Credit Courses and 1 Full Credit Course or 4 half Credit Courses From Elective Courses.

All AIOU BA Subjects Name & Codes List 2024

Sr. No.Subject NamesSubject Codes
2Pakistan Studies403
5Economics of Pakistan406
6Modern Muslim World407
8Commercial Geography409
9Business English410
11Social and Cultural Anthropology412
16Business Math & Statistics421
17Organizing Library Resources422
18Library Services423
19Export Marketing & Management424
20Export Marketing & Management-II425
21Pakistani Adab-II426
22Pakistani Adab-I427
23Food & Nutrition428
24Mass Education/Literacy429
25Principles of Journalism430
27Population Education432
28Iqbal’s Persian Poetry433
29Iqbal’s Urdu Prose434
32Islamiat (E)437
33Principles of Accounting438
34Advertising & Sales Promotion439
35Principles of Insurance440
36Trade & Transportation441
37Banking & Finance442
38Adab Ka Tanqueedi Mutalia443
39Advance Accounting444
40History of Urdu Adab445
42Marketing Management447
43Industrial & Production Management448
44Magazine Journalism449
45Writing Journalism450
46Public Relations451
47Mass Communication452
48Radio Broadcasting453
49TV Broadcasting454
50Book Editing455
51Business Taxation456
52Business Communication457
53Community Development458
54Material Management459
55Mercantile Law460
57Cost Accounting462
58Fundamentals of Business463
59Islamic Fiqh 464
60Population & Development465
61History of Library with Reference to Pakistan466
62Classification & Cataloguing467
63Islamic Social – Political & Economics Thought468
64Fundamentals of Computer & Data Processing469
65Principles of Marketing470
66Statistics for Management471
69Islamic Fiqh 474
71Philosophy of Islamic Legislation476
72Islamic Fiqh-II477
74Management of Low Vision Aid480
76Food Microbiology482
77Food & Nutrition484
78Health & Nutrition485
79Child Development487
80Introduction to Environment1421
81Environmental Pollution1422
82Basics of Technical Writing1425
83English Literature1426
84Business Mathematics1429
85Business Statistics1430
86Basics of Information & Com.Technology1431
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