How to Submit Assignments on AIOU Aaghi Portal LMS


Full Procedure Submit Assignments on the AIOU Aaghi Portal at LMS

All the students can know the method of how to Submit Assignments on AIOU Aaghi Portal LMS by completing step-by-step guidelines we explained that you check the latest way to upload Allama Iqbal Open University Assignments at

AIOU LMS Learning Management System is showing the new modern manner for the candidates of Matriculation, FA, FSC, ICS, ICOM, DCOM, BA, BSC, BED, MA, MED, MSC, PHIL, and Ph.D. autumn and spring semester programs.

How to Upload Assignments on AIOU Aaghi Portal LMS

AIOU has introduced the best online facility to the whole trainee of the University of Allama Iqbal everyone checks here the strategy that is built up by the education center. It is the easiest manner to approach the study without any problem because only this institute is permission to the people AIOU Online Classes learning great system is launched for national and international level Pakistani and overseas children. We have described in detail Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU Assignments How to Submission Check Now.

How to Write AIOU Assignment Submission?

Allama Iqbal Open University has introduced the electronic method so the public can easily understand the whole procedure is explained for you. Check how to write assignments AIOU by hand or computer so I will tell him that students can have both options to type assignments in Microsoft Word after completing the exercise and then upload online assignments on AIOU Aaghi Portal LMS.

The second way to make it through is to write after completing him then scan him from a computer or Android phone. It is so simple and easy process to submit assignments at LMS AIOU Aaghi Portal Online.

Submitting your AIOU assignments is a breeze with our straightforward process for AIOU assignment upload. Whether you’re using the AIOU Aaghi LMS portal or any other platform, follow these easy steps. First, log in to the portal and locate the assignment submission section. Then, upload your completed assignment file.

Make sure it’s in the required format and meets the submission deadline. Confirm your submission, and you’re all set! This hassle-free method ensures your assignments reach your instructors promptly, keeping you on track with your studies. Say goodbye to assignment-related stress and embrace the simplicity of AIOU assignment upload. Your academic journey just got a whole lot smoother!


Student’s Manual Guide

How to Submit an Assignment?

Step: 01

First, of all, you click to open the official website link displayed below click the login button, and enter your User Name and Password then your account will open in front of you.

How to Login at Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU

Step: 02

Then click on the My Courses link and choose your course for submitting the assignments on the Aghee portal. You can also see the image uploaded here for your guidance and help AIOU LMS Aaghi portal Learning Management System Online is provided for all of them in the pdf file.

Method of Select My Couse at Aaghi LMS Portal

Step: 03

After they click on the Assignment link for submission it’s also so easy way to just follow the instructions displayed on their computer or mobile phone screen and fulfill their mission.

How to Upload AIOU Assignments at Aaghi Portal LMS

Step: 04

The next following page will be displayed click on the Add Submissions button and another window will open for him then chase him.

AIOU Submit Assignment Aaghi Portal AIOU

Step: 05

Furthermore, the following page will be displayed, and click on the file icon as indicated in the image below you can be checked.

How to Submit Assignment Aaghi Portal Online

Step: 06

A window will pop up as shown in the image below. Click on the upload a file button then browse your assignment file and press the upload this file button. Please note that assignments are accepted in MS Word and PDF format. Handwritten assignments can be scanned using professional scanners or mobile scanner applications but file sizes should not exceed 05MB so try to use the optimum resolution for images.

Online Submit Assignment on Aaghi Portal LMS

Step: 07

At the end following page will be displayed press the save changes button.

What is way to Save Assignments on Aaghi Portal

Step: 08

Don’t worry about them you have an option for any change you can edit your submission till the deadline without any problem. As with that, a submission status page will be displayed under the post check here.

AIOU Upload Assignment at Aaghi LMS Portal Online

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