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AIOU Inter Subjects List 2024 Part I & II All

When students take AIOU Admission 2024 they know about the details of the intermediate course and AIOU FA Subjects List 2024 Spring and Autumn Semester. So don’t worry we are explaining the complete Allama Iqbal Open University Subjects Code List 2024 for the new admission.

Allama Iqbal University FA Subjects List 2024

There are three courses conducted by the university offered to all candidates can select from them anyone for the learning and study the purpose of the HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) Part 1 and 2 arts, science, and commerce level programs are:

  • Darse-e-Nizami F.A
  • General Group of Arts F.A
  • Commerce Group I.Com

These study courses are introduced for the 1st year and 2nd year education people can choose one of them for further studies. Most students have liked him very much to AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal very much because the study center merges all the things for the betterment of the children on one platform.

Allama Iqbal University FA Subjects List 2024

For the people’s awareness, we have collected all the AIOU ICOM Subjects List 2024 including FA in one place just check to write on the AIOU Admission Form 2024. Such is so an easy way to select for future study at the graduation level. Therefore all the people in the 11th and 12th classes need to study.

The inter-study consisted of 02 years duration period and It has 04 semesters passed throughout the examination department of Allama Iqbal. It is a total of 08 credit hours you can compulsory to pass in the 24 months it depends on you how can send admission each semester.

In the end, we are uploading the complete AIOU Program Courses List 2024 and also updating the AIOU Subjects List 2024 so everyone can easily check online to view and select to get knowledge. Allama Iqbal Open University has introduced a lot of AIOU FA Subjects List 2024 Inter I.COM Commerce level also available here.

AIOU FA Subjects List 2024 Allama Iqbal Open University

Semester: 01

  1. Islamiat (C)-316
  2. Pakistan Studies (C)-317
  3. Ethics (For Non-Muslim Students Only)-319
  4. Urdu-I-363
  5. Compulsory English-I-386
  6. Sindhi + Easy Urdu-I-398

Semester: 02

  1. Select 2 Half Credit or 1 Full Credit Course from Elective Courses –
  2. Urdu-II / Sindhi + Easy Urdu-II-364/399
  3. Compulsory English-II-387

Semester: 03

  1. Select 2 Full Credit Courses or 2 half Credit Courses and 1 Full Credit Course Or 4 half Credit Courses From Elective Courses.

Semester: 04

  1. Select 2 Full Credit Courses or 2 half Credit Courses and 1 Full Credit Course Or 4 half Credit Courses From Elective Courses.

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AIOU FA Elective / Major Courses & Codes        

Sr. No. Subject Names Subject Codes
1 Daftri Urdu 301
2 Iqbaliat 303
3 Rural Development 305
4 Electrical Wiring 307
5 General Science 308
6 Arabic 309
7 Book Keeping & Accountancy 311
8 Education 312
9 Dairy Farming 313
10 Electrician 314
11 Economics 315
12 Muslim History of Sub-Continent 321
13 Secretarial Practice 322
14 Farm Income Generating Skills 326
15 Farm Machinery 327
16 Improved Methods of Oil Seed Crops 328
17 Jadeed Zarat 329
18 Child Care & Development 330
19 Auto Servicing 332
20 Repair and Maintenance of House Hold Elect App 341
21 Improved Methods of Fruit Production 342
22 Islamiat (E) 343
23 Basic Electronics 344
24 Home Management & Home Furnishing 345
25 Principles of Commerce 346
26 Banking 347
27 Radio Servicing 348
28 Plant Protection 349
29 Auto Mechanics 351
30 Consumer Textile 355
31 Food and Nutrition 356
32 Health and Nutrition 357
33 Apparel Design 358

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