AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue Solution 2024


AIOU Workshop Spring 2024 Attendance Issue Related

AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue related spring Semester 2024 for BA, B.ED, M.ED, BS, MA students Allama Iqbal Open University Workshop Attendance Issue 2024 autumn semester.

Allama Iqbal Open University has issued the spring 2024 AIOU Workshop result on the AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal many of the students can check your result. The problem now is that many students have attended their workshops but their attendance is less than 70%.

AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue Solution

Today we will guide you the result is affected or not can you reappear or are you again reappear in workshops or a result will come later? This is what you have to follow now we are trying our best to provide complete guidance to the candidates who are facing these problems.

First, in the fall we are telling about the Allama Iqbal Spring 2024 online workshops results announced in which your attendance is showing 100%, 70%, 50%, 20%, 10% whatever is coming now many such students among you must have given 100% attendance But they are still seeing this attendance.

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Those students are trying to fulfill the attendance of workshops but the Aaghee Portal doesn’t work well then that time all of them are trying to log in but can’t get the username and password At that time the university had said that was trying to log in then the Allama Iqbal Open University is count their attendance.

Check Attendance Issues AIOU Workshop Autumn 2024

Then, in December, the university offered another chance to put what was left in their logs Even then your attendance would be marked but it doesn’t look like that anymore Many students are concerned about their attendance and why they did not attend all the video lectures they saw before or after or tried.

First of all, let me tell you that you should not be upset and that your attendance should be 70% but the thing is that it is coming even lower. In other words, it is coming less than in the passing, but it should be at least this percentage, so here the university has kept your attendance at seventy percent, normally it is that percentage.

In addition, the difference in your attendance is that the university has said that they are testing the system. This result has been released for testing purposes the correct result will be released later. And it will be seen whether you listened to the lecture or not and tried to log in or not. The result that will be changed will be included.

Then according to him, if you do not pass the workshop on how to check the AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue, the procedure is the same, and then you have to attend it again in the next semester. When your attendance starts, the AIOU Workshop Result 2024 will be fine. Hopefully, I have fixed your problem.

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