How to Connect with AlOU HelpDesk Portal Support Complaint


How to Access AIOU Help Desk Portal:

AIOU Helpdesk Portal provide help Support to their Students. To Access University of Allama Iqbal Help Desk you should go their official website link There are different FAQs for your problem about your registration confirmation and regarding AIOU CMS Portal problems.

How to Apply AIOU Help Desk Portal Online

What’s your Problems?

Do you want to change your password of CMS (Course Management System) or LMS (Learning Management System) or resetting the password of AMCR (Assignment Marks and Course Registration System) but not working on AIOU LMS Portal? There are some details methods to solve your problem.

AIOU CMS & LMS Portal:

AIlama Iqbal Open University Helpdesk Portal for ensures that they are providing the first public university to have an integrated suite of applications that automates academic, administrative, and financial processes. They are providing student enrollment page

How to Login CMS Portal:

To login in this page use your registration number that is provided by university as your ID. The major problem is what your password is. The Password is your Name last two digit in Capital Letter and last four digit of your registration number keep it mind that there is no space between your name last Two Alphabet and Registration number last four digits. If you are facing problem then submit complaint on

Further problem about your CMS Portal your can check FAQS from this page:


FAQs of Allama Iqbal Open University and Categories:

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help students and navigate the university system. The FAQs are divided into different categories, including admissions, examinations, assignments, results, programs, fees, workshops, and general information.

The admissions category covers queries about eligibility, admission criteria, and the admission process. The examinations category addresses concerns about exam schedules, centers, and rules. The assignments category covers questions related to assignment submission, deadlines, and marks.

The results category helps students understand how to check their results and what the different grades mean. The programs category provides information about different degree programs, courses, and specializations offered at AIOU.

The fees category answers questions about fee structure, payment options, and refunds. The workshops category provides details about workshops, seminars, and conferences organized by the university.

Finally, the general information category covers miscellaneous questions about the university’s policies, regulations, and services. This is FAQs that Allama Iqbal Open University Help Desk Portal providing on their website.

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