How to Make Online AIOU Tutorship Bill Step by Step Guide


How to Create AIOU Tutorship Bill of Assignments

How to Create AIOU Assignment Bill Tutor Online

Allama Iqbal Open University is provided the best facility How to Generate Online AIOU Tutor Bill of Autumn 2020 Semester at check here full guidance step by step. For the teachers, it is a great opportunity to claim the online bill of assignments complete procedure explained in detail. All the people can sit in their homes easily through the Aaghi LMS Portal create AIOU Tutorship Bill Online without any problem.

This new feature is introduced for the new tutors of Open University because before this time people are caught in many issues and difficulties so Allama Iqbal University has launched the computerized electronic way to produce the Tutorspayment against the last semester assignments. It is a good footstep for the instructors to take benefit therefore before the passes time they were facing a lot of difficulties to prepared the final bill AIOU and worried about them that the institute can be approved or not but now this misshape is totally finished for everyone fresh and old teachers.

Rate of AIOU Tutor Remuneration Charges 2021


Briefing Meetings

Retention Fee

Evaluation Fee Per Assignment

Tutorial Meeting


Postal Charges


Rs. 150

Rs. 900

Rs. 30

Rs. 300

Rs. 200

Actual Amount


Rs. 150

Rs. 1000

Rs. 30

Rs. 300

Rs. 200

Actual Amount

B.A/B.Ed Old

Rs. 150

Rs. 1600

Rs. 60

Rs. 700

Rs. 300

Actual Amount


B.Ed New

Rs. 150

Rs. 1600/Rs. 2500

Rs. 60/ Rs. 40

Rs. 700

Rs. 300/Rs. 200

Actual Amount

Diploma TEFL/


Rs. 150

Rs. 1900

Rs. 60

Rs. 1000 Per Hour

Rs. 250

Presentation Rs. 250 Per Student

Check Full Procedure Download in PDF

How to Payment Claim AIOU Tutorship Bill Online

It’s so easy to prepare the Online AIOU Tutor Bill Allama Iqbal Open University is introduced the very well way especially for the tutorship owners those persons claim their salary against the collection of the assignments of spring and autumn semesters of all programs including matric, FA, FSC, ICS, ICOM, DCOM Part 1 and 2 Intermediate level, BA, BSC, BCOM, BED Bachelor of Arts, Science Commerce, MA, MSC, MED, PHIL, Ph.D. of the master. It was received from the students and gives him AIOU Assignment Marks out of a hundred in different grades.

Step 01:

Submission for AIOU Tutor Bill Bank Details

When you can log in your account for claiming your wages then enter the bank account details example you can enter their personal bank account number where you want to receive money in this figure.

Bank Account Details

  • Bank Name
  • Account No.
  • Current Mobile No.
  • Branch Name
  • Branch Code
  • Select Income Tax Status
  • Filer 
  • Non-Filer

Step 02:

Select Course Code for AIOU Tutorship Bill Online

Next select the program of SSC, HSSC, BA, PG, B.Ed, PTC/CT, and Functional Courses in which one is chosen for the following way.

Step 03:

Check Marks Assignments AIOU Bill Online

Upcoming view the Assignment Marked menu then the upcoming choices is displaying on the screen under the below check it:

  • Course Code
  • Allocated Students
  • No. of Marked Students
  • No. of Evaluated Assignments
  • Total Amount

Step 04:

How to Submit AIOU Tutorial Meetings Bill Online

Tutorial Meetings in which are these points of “Study Center” where you can the school name and address are mentioned in them. Succeding approach the “Select Course Code” from the window after clicking the correct to “Saved or Updated” him.

Step 05:

Check Option for AIOU Tutors Bill Online

Next-door submit the “Presentation Details” to enter the “Course Code” and “Meeting Date” adopt him in the little screen in the last “Save/Update” the detail.

Step 06:

AIOU Tutor Bill for Postal Charges CheckThe second last menu picks the “Postal Charges” in the many points that are displayed so easily sort out carefully for additional inquiry.

  • Allocated Course
  • Postal Charges(Calculation Type)
  • Nature of Charges
  • No. of Letters
  • Rate
  • UPC

Step 07:

For Making AIOU Tutor Bill Generate

The following categories are now checked as you want but our advice you can choose only the online system method.

  • Manual Generated
  •  System Generated

Step 08:

AIOU Tutorship Bill Order to Allama Iqbal Open University

In the second last AIOU Tutor Claim Amount Details, there is a lot of options that are seen here.

  • Course ID
  • Assignment Amount
  • Tutorial Meetings Amount
  • Practical Marked Amount
  • Presentation Amount
  • Postal Charges Amount
  • Total
  • Retention Charges
  • Briefing Meeting Charges
  • Contingency Charges

Step 09:

Online AIOU Bill Generated System Finalize

The last page where you can check important points are:

  • Taxable Amount (Calculated on)
  • Tax Deducted
  • total Claimed Amount
  • Total Claimed Amount after Tax Deduction
  • Submit Bill to Region Office
  • “Click Here” 

This is an auto-generated billing system. Once you click on the “submit button” you would not be able to edit/modify any editable item in the system. No claim of the bill will be accepted after the due date.

Who will be entitled to take up the Fee Charges of AIOU Tutor?

It was only for those people who are doing your job responsibility and submit the AIOU assignment result on due time and date then the Allama Iqbal Open University is responsible to pay the payment in return for the final results is prepared by the AIOU Tutors 2021 Spring Semester and Autumn.

Not any cheating and fake of that are AIOU Tutorship Jobs 2021 because it is an announcement in the government level in the newspaper after recruitment then selection the eligible persons and appointed for the work of collecting various course codes and subjects.

You know that the last date of finalizing the Online AIOU Tutorship Bill for Claim to get the amount of money from the University of Allama Iqbal. The ending date is 20-02-2021 so keep in mind it and carefully to complete their process before the time out goodbye and remember in prayers.

Important Instructions for Generating E-Tutor Payment Bill for Autumn Semester 2020

1.       This is an online tutor billing system. You don’t need to provide a hard copy.

2.       You have to visit all given options (modules) in this online system.

3.       The charges of numbers of evaluated assignments and practical courses will be auto calculated by the system.

4.       You can edit/modify the details of Tutorial meetings, presentations, & postal charges, which will be verified by the Regional Head Office as per the procedure.

5.       The bill will be generated against each program or level, if you are allocated a course for two different programs your bill will be generated separately.

6.       For multiple courses in one program (level), a single bill will be generated.

7.       If you care about claiming UPC or postal charges incurred, in your bill, you have to submit the proof of the charges in hard form to the Regional Head/accountant along with your appointment letter, attest copy of CNIC.

8.       Carefully generate the bill, once you click on “Submit Final Bill” you will not be able to edit or modify your bill.

9.       The tutor billing system will remain active till 20th June 2021 after this date no tutor will be able to submit any claim.

10.   In case of any ambiguity, you are advised to contact your concerned Regional Campus’s Regional Head or Accountant where your e-generated bill will be further processed and forward to the concerned department.

11.   Mention your status file or None Filer while submitting your bill.

12.   Your payment will be credited online in your bank as you can select.

13.   The banks which are not mentioned in the list, for such bank account payments, will be entertained through “Over the counter payments” by issuing a cross cheque.

14.   Once your bill is verified and passed you will receive an SMS about the credit on your payment.

15.   Carefully read the Disclaimers for understanding.

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