How to Calculate AIOU Assignments & Exams / Conflated Marks


What is Assignment Marks Calculation?

In the Allama Iqbal Open University assignment marks have a very important role therefore it was compulsory for all of the candidates to pass the assignments. It has 30 numbers are passing marks in their AIOU written or typed assignments in each subject code of any program There are the following:

  • Matriculation
  • Intermediate
  • Associate Degree/Bachelor
  • Master
  • Certificate/Diplomas

For Example:

If you choose two subject codes then you can send 2 assignments to her tutor before the ending date is given by the open university of Allama Iqbal.

AIOU Exams and Assignment Calculation Formula

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Check Two Assignments Marks Calculation Procedure

Assignment No. 01

Assignment No. 2Total Marks


AIOU Assignment Marks Calculation Formula

Assignment Marks


150 / 200 x 100 = 75

75 x 30 / 100 = 22.5

How Many Examination Numbers are Included in the Final Result?

First of all, you know how many exam marks are combined for the results. Here we described in detail the new and old students of the Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. There are a total of 100 marks in the examination but the education institute is only 70% are included in the final results.

AIOU Examination Marks Calculation Formula

Examination Marks


60 x 70 / 100 = 42

What are AIOU Conflated Marks?

Don’t worry students remember that when you get the AIOU Assignment Marks after the calculation similarly you can get marks in your examinations now both are summed for the final result is called conflated marks in AIOU. So that I hope that you can understand the whole method of the AIOU Result Conflated Marks Calculation procedure.

Even then I’ve explained to you with examples for the betterment of the fresh students who are remembering the AIOU Result Marks Calculation Formula 2023 for the autumn and spring semester of Allama Iqbal University.

Total Assignment Marks

Total Examination Marks

Get Conflated Marks


22.5 + 42 = 64.5

Example No. 02:

For Four Assignments

Assignment No. 01

Assignment No. 02Assignment No. 03Assignment No. 04Total Marks


Assignment Marks

Examination Marks

Conflated Marks



21 + 42 = 63 (one assignment obtains marks)

300 / 400 x 100 = 75

60 x 70 / 100 = 42

For all assignment marks same procedure

70 x 30 / 100 = 21

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