AIOU Type or Hand Written Assignments Accepted for LMS 2024


AIOU Assignments Accepted Type & Hand Written 2024

Many students want to know if the assignments we have to upload to AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal in autumn 2024 should be accepted in type format only or if should we scan them by hand and convert them to PDF can I upload them to him? As we did in the previous semester, we have just been told in detail.

Let’s start with first of all let me tell you who book assignments will be collected through this. Assignments of other books will not be submitted through LMS, but first Matriculation, FA, I.Com, BA, and B.Com assignments of these classes will not be submitted through the Learning Management System.

AIOU Accepted Hand Write or Type Assignments Check

You have to prepare your assignments by hand and submit them to your tutor manually or by post. In addition, the classes for which assignments will be submitted through LMS include Associate Degree in Education, MA, MSC, four years BS, B.ED, M.ED, and Postgraduate, elective Diploma assignments for all these classes of 16 years of education will be collected throughout AIOU

Aaghee Portal.

Now let’s talk about whether you have submitted the assignments only in type format or you can scan it by hand and then convert it to PDF and upload it to LMS. Even in 2022 if you can type your assignment, it is better to type assignments.

Students who have access to a computer or laptop and if you can type your assignments, I would advise you to prepare your assignments in typed format. It will also be small in size and easy to upload to LMS.

Also if you don’t have a computer or laptop or you don’t have typing and it is easy for you to scan it by hand, then convert it to PDF and upload it then this is the best for you. Have you prepared handwritten scan assignments?

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However there is a problem in preparing handwritten scan assignments that come in file size, so you have to prepare your file in such a way that its size does not exceed 05 MB. The same problem happened in the previous semester.

There were some solutions for it, but some students made their files so heavy that bringing their files up to 20 MB, and 30 MB required 05 MB in this way file lost a lot of quality.

They have a lot of problems, so it is easier for you to type assignments. You have to see which assignment will be easier for you if you make it by hand and have it typed from the market.

There is no question now whether Allama Iqbal University will accept this assignment or it will only accept the type of assignment. This is what was said earlier by the Open University of Allama Iqbal and the regional office.

AIOU Hand Write or Typed Assignments are Uploading on AIOU Aaghi Portal?

We would only accept type assignments but maybe later they realized that every child does not have a computer or laptop or he does not know how to type, and the cost would be higher if he gets it ready from the market. He later said that you can upload a handwritten scanned PDF that those who do not have a computer laptop or typing can do.

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Also if your regional office is not there then you should complain there because the Allama Iqbal Open University which is slowly updating the information reaches some people but does not reach some people if the regional office does not forward the information yet. Many tutors will not know whether they can accept handwritten assignments or not if they are not sent or updated.

It is now your responsibility to regularly complain to your regional office if they do not accept this. Also, according to the updated information, you can now upload typing assignments if you can also upload handwritten assignments.

It was said that only top assignments would be taken but now you can upload both types of assignments so hopefully, I have given you all the information thank you.

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