AIOU Autumn 2024 Admission or Book Update


AIOU Updates Spring 2024 Semester Admission & Books

Today we talked about the admission confirmation for the semester of 2024 and the information on the books. Many students who are communicating through comments and WhatsApp have just had their questions answered.

First of all, let’s talk about admission confirmation. Many students want to know that we sent our admission two or three months ago. Which has not been confirmed yet. What is the reason for the university being so late? Why is our admission not being confirmed? Why are we not getting SMS or online details?

AIOU Admission or Books Updates Spring 2024

In addition, he has also complained to the university. There is no response from the university via e-mail or mobile SMS. Most of the students whose admissions have not been confirmed are those who have applied for fresh admission on the last date.

If most of the admissions of these students have not been confirmed, then the university is saying that within the next few days, i.e. by January 15 or 20, your admissions will be confirmed. Your information will be uploaded to the university’s website. After that, you will have to wait for a while to receive the SMS.

Because the university is not replying to emails or replying to the helpdesk which is being answered a little bit, it is being said that if you wait till February 15 or 20, you will have to wait. Your admissions have stopped. IN SHA ALLAH, they have been confirmed automatically.

Problems are coming due to the lockdown. They are not able to speed up the process of admission confirmation. If they are slowing down and taking time, then you may have to wait. In addition to this, there is an update regarding the books that the work of the university is going on slowly due to the lockdown. The university has not sent books to many students yet.

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Why Not Admission Confirmed or Books Not Received in AIOU

Even those whose admissions were confirmed 2, 3, or 4 months ago have not been sent books by the university yet, and even when they check online, there is no record there, there is no record update, so hopefully when the lock When the down is over, the administrative matters will be restored on 2024.

So the AIOU has started sending books, so hopefully, books will be available by the end of January. Now those whose admissions are confirmed, the books are sent to them from mid-January to a week later by the end of January. They found the book. But those whose admissions will be confirmed in January may get the books much later.

If you meet in mid-February or leave by the end of February, I would advise you to come to the market now to get the key book. If your coursebook is available in the market, then take your time with it. Will save and your whole semester will not be wasted.

Read Complete Detail About AIOU Admission or Books Updates 2024

The rest of you are looking at the university. Admission is also getting late. There is no scene of books. In the next few days, it will be known whether the university is sending books or delaying more. This also affects the assignments because you have to submit the assignments on time. After all, the schedule of those assignments has arrived.

The schedule is the same for everyone. If one’s admission is confirmed before or after, then the schedule is the same for him. The date will be extended in the assignment schedule as the university has also confirmed the admission late.

Books are also being sent out late. Apart from this, the papers of the students last semester are going to be published now. If time allows, the date of their assignment will be extended.

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