AIOU Reappear Form Download 2022 for Exams


AIOU Reappear Form 2022 Download for All Programs

Allama Iqbal Open University Reappear Form Download for sending the AIOU Admission examinations in the programs of Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelor, and Master Degrees. Some people are failed in the exams of the autumn and spring semester of their course code diploma, certificate, and the program then they needed the AIOU Reappear Form 2022 Download.

Allama Iqbal Open University Reappear Form Download

The institute of education is provided three chances to the students when it was failed in the papers of any subject code for 3 times you can re-appear that option has only for those university candidates who have facilitated him. If the student again fails then you can need to fill up the AIOU reappear application form fee to submit to the bank with AIOU Reappear Challan Form copy then the educational center is regained paper of the sending admission.

Everyone wants to know the AIOU Reappear Date Sheet 2022

 is issued by the whole classes including 9th 10th, Inter, graduation, and postgraduate candidates can free download from them. is sharing with you the latest updates according to the exams, Results, Roll No Slips, Tutors, Aaghi LMS Portal, Books, Assignments, and Workshop schedule for the betterment of the AIOU students.

AIOU Reappear Form 2022 Matric FA BA MA

AIOU Reappear Form Last Date 2022 the people can’t know him so that we are sharing with you the latest information about the again re-appear exams is going to be held for the failed students in the last semester examinations. Therefore that you can ready to prepare for the paper is early taking from them. AIOU BA Reappear Form 2022 I will upload for the help of the trainee who continues study from the best educational platform in Asia.

How to Download AIOU Reappear Form 2022

Don’t worry it is so easy way to get the AIOU FA Reappear Form 2022 on this webpage you can open this link and post where I will update the link and word or pdf file just click to download in also JPG format is available under the below check it easily.

AIOU Application Form Reappear 2022 PDF Download

Download AIOU Application Form for Reappear

Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad

(Department of Examinations)

Terms and Conditions for Apply

  • Minimum passing marks in the assignments are 40% and final. Examination separately is 100% the ratio between assignments and final examination for the purpose of weightage is 30:70 pass percentage for all graduate, post-graduate programs. BBA BCW. BIT B.Sc, (Eye Care), B.Tech, B.B.ET, and FSc are different / please consult the prospectus concerning the program for detailed information.
  • Student failed in the continuous assessment component is declared fail in the course.
  • The student who failed in the final examination in the last (Third) chance is declared fail. In the course and required to seek admission affirm.
  • The student who failed/was absent in the final examination is eligible for reappearing in the next examination only on submission of the form given below along with the prescribed examination fee.
  • Instructions:
    The fee along with the re-appear/again RE-appear form can be deposited by filling the bank challan which is part of the form) in any of the nominated branches of NBP/FWBL/ABL.
  • The list of the nominated branches of the National Bank. First Women Bank and Allied Bank are giving in the prospectus of the respective program and are available in the nearest regional office of AIOU.
  • The concerned bank branch will receive the challan form and re-appear form, and return the copy no. 4 of the challan form, duly stamped to the student for his/her record.


 دوبارہ امتحانی فیس بذریعہ بینک چالان علامہ قبال اوپن یونیورسٹی اسلام آبادکی صورت میں نتیجے کے اعلان کے بعد 30دن کے اندر جمع کروائی جاسکتسی ہے۔

 یہ فارم صرف دوبارہ امتحان میں شرکت کرنے والے طلبائ کے لیے مخصوص ہے۔

کسی بھی کورس میں داخلے کے لیے شعبہ داخلہ سے حاصل کردہ فارم استعمال کریں۔غلطی کی صورت میں طالب علم خود ذمہ دار ہوگا۔

Application Form for Re-Appear I the Examination
Name of Programme:

Roll No:  ____________                                                Semester: _______________________
Region:  ____________                                               Registration No: __________________

Name of Student: ________________________                                

Mailing Address:  _________________________________________________________

District Name:  ____________________

Course Code:   1-_________ 2- _________    3- _________    4- __________  5- __________             

Date: ___________                                          Signature of Student_____________________

Rs. ______________     (Rupees  ___________________________________________________ )

Bank Challan No: _______________  Branch __________________ 

Dated ______________

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